Notifive FAQ

Notifive FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions

Yes you can. YOu can either enter the contact list manually or export from excel or even select the contacts from Contacts menu and select SMS as the channel.

Push Technology enables you to send real-time notifications to your Android and iOS devices. You need to install Push application in your Android or iOS devices. Push Technology is a very cost effective and efficient way to send real time notifications to subscribers. Push Technology is very useful in certain situations like sending system alerts from IT systems on system status.

No. You need to do very basic tasks like adding a button and you will get technical support from Rislin. Often your IT solutions provider can do it for you. If not, Rislin will provide necessary technical support.

Yes. You can use just the SMS bulk Notification feature and this requires no integration or installation. Just signup and use.

Yes. You can use just Notifive from your mobiles and tablet. There is no need to download any apps.