Notification Benefits

Payment Reminders, Service Reminders, Appointment Reminders...

Automate tedious and time consuming work

Automate Business Process of Notification

Manually reminding people about payments, servicing, appointments, goods delivery and so forth is time consuming and error prone. Automate the notification process and return of investment is immediate. Less cost, improved productivity and improved customer satisfaction

Use the communication channel your customer prefer

Some people prefer Email and some others prefer SMS or Phone Call or Push. Some others may prefer to be notified via Social Media like Facebook or twitter. Send notification based on customer preference. This is also useful when you database is not complete..for some you may have mobile and for others you may have only email and for others you may have only fixed landline number

Actionable Notification !

Sending reminders by SMS or Email is progress. Getting the recipient to act on it straight away is even better. E.g Sending reminders about outstanding payments is good.. however enabling the recipient to pay for it by clicking a link on the SMS or Email makes an impact on your cash flow and customer experience